Why is it Better to Study in India?

Why is it Better to Study in India?

India, the land of diverse cultures, heritage, and history; offers a wide range of options for both local and international students. It might be surprising for many, but factually India houses some of the best educational institutions. Even foreign students are finding it feasible to study in India. Being one of the exciting countries in the world seems to be making India the ideal option for higher studies. The country is having top colleges and top universities; offering lucrative educational programs. Besides being popular for its wide culture, vibrant traditions, and growing economy, India is gradually becoming the educational hub.

India acquired 24th rank in the QS higher education system strength rankings. The credit goes to the top universities in India including IISC, IIM, AIIMS, IIT, etc. Educational institutes in India are highly modern in infrastructure. With so much progress in the last few years, India is becoming a world leader in the arena of international education.

Let’s count down some reasons why India is a better place to study. Take a quick glance;

  • Universities and colleges are well ranked – If you are willing to study engineering and technology, India offers the best institutes specialized in worthwhile engineering and technology programs. India is known for its continuous pursuit of research and teaching excellence.

It is not always about engineering and technology, from politics to fashion, and philosophy to biology, India has something for everyone. You can study whatever you wish to.

  • Quality education – India provides the opportunity to avail quality education. The standard of teaching at top universities and top colleges in India is assessed and graded by official organizations to ensure that the educational benchmark is met. Teachers and professors are highly-qualified to guide students in the right way. Students are appreciated for their educational achievement.
  • Affordable living and course fee – For many students, arranging for fees is a big factor. It is not always possible for the students to collect a lump sum amount for admission in a reputed college. In India, the course fee is affordable. Cost of living in India is much low compared to other countries. There are also scholarship and financial schemes offered to support students to afford the course fee.
  • World’s second largest higher education system – India is home to 17,000 colleges and 343 universities; the second largest higher education system on the planet. Comprising masters, bachelor, and doctoral programs, the vastness of India’s educational system is unparalleled. There are available ample opportunities for both academic and personal enrichment.

Not only the education system is vast, but India also offers a wide range of academic options for students. Students have access to traditional subjects like Sanskrit, Hindi, and Ayurveda.

If you’re planning for higher studies, India is the ideal destination to reach. From beautiful landscapes to top educational institutes, the land of cultural hub offers something for everyone. Research on the internet and find out the suitable course and the best institute to opt for.

Timothy Scott