How to Generate Your Own Electricity to Save Money

How to Generate Your Own Electricity to Save Money

The rising cost of electricity is something that is causing home and business owners some stress, especially as it may seem as though you’re completely out of control of this particular cost.

Fortunately, your South Carolina Public Service Authority encourages the practice of generating your own electricity. Not only can it save you some money, but it is also helpful for the environment.

If you generate more energy than you need, you can even sell some of it back to the national grid!

Ways to Generate Your Own Electricity

Whether you’re looking for ways to save money on bills or simply the improve the environment by limiting your impact on the natural world, there are several options for generating your own electricity.

  • Solar energy utilizes solar panels to generate and store electricity that can power your home.
  • Personal wind turbines are a smaller scale of the same devices that are used to generate electricity.
  • Ground- or air-source heat pumps extract heat energy from the ground or from the air and leverage this to add warmth to your home or office via radiators or hot water heaters.
  • Burning wood pellets, logs or chips has been a practice that generates light and energy since the dawn of man.
  • Hydroelectric technology can produce electricity, but it is very site specific — meaning you’ll need a high volume of water to generate enough electricity to be useful.

South Carolina Public Service Authority’s Power Needs

South Carolina is one of the states that is being increasingly challenged with the cost of power, making it more attractive than ever to generate some or all of your own electricity. South Carolina doesn’t have many of the renewable sources of energy that are found in other states, making it vital to the economy that individuals and business owners get involved.

Solar power, in particular, is considered a big win in the sunny state. Learn more about how you can generate additional energy in your home or business that will reduce the requirements of buying energy — and perhaps even leave with you a surplus to sell. Contact the energy professionals at the Public Service Commission of South Carolina today at 803-896-5100 or via email to


Frances Bailey